A Rehearsal Like No Other!

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Reimagine your wedding day as a weekend filled with fun, laughter and maybe some competition!

Photos by Zach Hetrick

Your rehearsal is more than just a dinner! Enjoy a delicious a meal, roast s’mores, share stories and so much more! Lauren and Paul decided to host their rehearsal on our campfire hill complete with a build-your-own s’more bar. But, as we often say at Camp Highlander, when the sun goes down, the fun ramps up! After the songs and s’mores, the couple and their guests headed to a team bride vs. team groom battle.

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After the fun and games, stay up late connecting with friends and family. Then, fall asleep while you listen to the creek cascade down the mountain. Don’t worry, tomorrow you will wake up to more laughter, adventure and priceless memories!

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Photos by Zach Hetrick