Camp Pyaar

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James & Bianca Allison

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What made you want to have a camp wedding?

We absolutely loved the idea of a fun and relaxed vibe, having everyone stay in one place, and having a multi-day wedding weekend! Oh and having tons of activities and the option of after parties (with late night snacks) was hugely appealing!

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What was your favorite part of the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner?

They were both so beautiful, and so customized to exactly what we envisioned. I still cannot get over how perfect each event was, in terms of seamless organization

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We only have amazing memories.

[Our guests] had an incredible time. Many of them loved how organized the whole experience was, how beautiful the different locations around camp were for the different events, and they all loved the activities especially the ropes course and the blob.

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It felt like the right mix of fun and levity, while also having the gravitas of a beautiful union and a new family being created.

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Everyone at Camp Highlander did such a beautiful job making sure we felt in charge of things happening throughout that day, but without making it stressful. We also loved having a “pause” by doing some couple photos between the ceremony and the evening - our photographer gave us time to talk and connect in the middle of it all, and that will be one of the most special memories of that whole day.

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What were some of your favorite memories from your wedding?

The relay race around camp was amazing (especially seeing our parents and aunts and uncles play flip cup), the Family Feud night and laughing until I couldn’t breathe, the gorgeous location for cocktail hour just as the sun was setting, having all of our friends and family a short walk away in the cabins for last minute hellos and goodbyes, and the outings we planned around the mountains and Asheville for all of our out-of-town guests to see how beautiful North Carolina is.

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If you know you want to have a camp wedding, don’t even think twice about it. Work with the folks at Camp Highlander and you won’t regret it!

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Photographer: Perry Vaile
DJ: A Bride’s DJ
Florist: Camp Highlander
Desserts: Callie’s Confections
Food Truck: Viceroy
Hair & Make-up: L’eau de Vie Salon Spa