No Other Highlander


We met at Highlander, so that alone made it a natural choice for us. But more than that, the spirit of “camp” perfectly embodies the spirit of our relationship and our lives in general. We love the outdoors; we love adventures; we love communities we create with friends and family. There was really no choice other than Highlander.

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There’s too many to recount! The biggest thing for us was to be able to share the magic of a place that means so much to us with all of our family and loved ones. Seeing our camp friends mix with non-camp friends was just like an opening day of A-session! Plus, the ability to take a wedding night and spread it out over a weekend was such a blessing. Instead of running around, trying to shake hands for a brief moment, we were able to spend quality time with each guest (and with each other)!

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It was amazing to basically have our entire guest list join in on the rehearsal dinner the first night after everyone arrived. It represented another opportunity to genuinely connect with our guests in an inclusive, intimate setting.

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The fact that five years later we’re still hearing new stories when catching up with guests speaks for itself. Each year on our anniversary, there are so many social media posts from our guests remembering the weekend with #BestWeddingEver, that there’s hardly a need for us to post anything! Our guests who were Highlander alumni loved the chance to be back on the mountain, and our guests new to Highlander were enthralled with the activities they could participate in all weekend long.

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Even with no prior experience at a summer camp, there’s no better place to have your wedding!

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Gorgeous setting and backdrop? Check.
Activities to keep your guests entertained? Check.
Helpful staff? Check.
Memories to last a lifetime for you AND your guests? Check, check, check.

  • Photographer: Amy Martin
  • Desserts: Short Street Cakes Bakery
  • Food Truck: The Real Food Truck